Your opportunity to make a difference.


SunRice Group is an internationally successful Australian business operating in the dynamic and challenging food industry. 

With 2,100 people across Australia, the Pacific, the US, the Middle East and Papua New Guinea, SunRice Group is one of Australia’s leading branded food manufacturers and exporters. 

Throughout SunRice Group, you will find people dedicated to making a difference who are at the heart of the company’s greatest achievements. 


Through the commitment of our people to meeting challenges head on, we are extremely proud to have grown from humble beginnings as a Co-operative into a great Australian success story. 

With an unrelenting focus on innovation and a firm commitment to developing our people and our communities while caring for the environment, SunRice Group is a great place to work for passionate people who are looking to make a difference in their job. 

We are now looking for a new generation of graduates to develop into leaders who can make a difference.

Our Graduate Program

As a SunRice Group graduate you will have the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s leading supermarket brands and participate in a structured 24 month program exposing you to both our core business activities and unique standalone projects.

Your Development

Helping you to grow as a future leader with SunRice. 

Our Positions

We are seeking graduates with an outstanding academic track record, great leadership skills and who excel in all areas of life to join the SunRice Group graduate program. 

Our People

Hear first hand from Rupert, Rachel and Matt.